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The DNA of F&B is the definition of its essence, it is reflected in each of our Hotels through memorable experiences, magical moments that fill all the senses and remain in the back of our guest’s minds.


Based on the effort and dedication of our operative team members and the parameters obtained through ReviewPro, it is a pleasure for us to highlight in this section the three outlets that obtained the best results last month* *July 2020 results


For representing the values of Karisma, for its performance, perseverance, and commitment, we are proud to present to you the F&B Star of the month.

Alejandro Villagrana Pérez was born in Mexico City. He studied Administration and Culinary Arts at the Ambrosia Culinary Center, during that time he made a stay at the Restaurant "Le Cirque" in New York. 

In 2008, he was invited by Chef Jonathan Gómez Luna to join the team of the restaurant "Le Chique" as Chef de Cuisine, sponsored by Karisma Hotels & Resorts, where he has worked for the last 11 years. In 2010, he traveled to Chicago for professional stage with Chef Grant Achatz at "Alinea", considered one of the best restaurants in the world. 

Along with Chef Jonathan Gomez Luna, Alejandro has participated in various world-class gastronomic congresses and events; They have managed to position Le Chique as one of the best restaurants in Mexico and over the years they have been adding important recognitions such as: "The Best of the Best", "Best Tasting Menu", "Best Art on the Plate" , “Best Hotel Restaurant” by Travel + Leisure Magazine, “Restaurant of the Year” by Millesime México and “Best Hotel Restaurant in Mexico” by Food & Travel Awards; recognized by “ The Daily Meal ”as one of the 100 best restaurants in Latin America and included by Culinaria Mexicana for 4 consecutive years, within the List of the 120 best restaurants in Mexico. 

From 2014 to date, Le Chique has been awarded the prestigious award "Five Diamonds by AAA". His most recent achievement was being recognized by the Academy of “The World's Best Restaurants” for inclusion in “The Diners Club 50 Best Discovery Series”, a list that highlights what is considered “the next generation of gastronomic destinations”. 

In 2018, Le Chique entered the list of "Latam 50 Best Restaurants" in position number 34 and for 2019 positioning in number 32. Currently, Alejandro is a key member of the Research and Development team at Le Chique.       

CI met Alejandro more than 20 years ago, not only his simplicity, humility and proactivity were evident, he was also a natural talent and a titanic willpower…. I have been fortunate to see his career from many angles and facets, to see his evolution and growth to become what in my opinion is today, the best chef in this country. To be a great cook, it is not enough to have the desire, strength or temper that this job demands, it requires knowledge, talent and skills that are only acquired in the daily restaurant life, during service, standing up for long hours, in creativity days, chopping, distilling, fermenting, organizing, cleaning ……. In the quest to be an upright chef, that is what Alejandro has become. I have no doubt that we will hear talk a lot more about Alejandro in the culinary field of this country and the world, he will contribute more of his talent to Le Chique and Karisma, he will continue to delight us with his culinary art and his tremendous human quality. It is an honor to see the chef you have become today, but more honor is to be able to call you friend ... Le Chique would not be what it is today if you had not run this race alongside me…. Thank you very much Alejandro

Jonatan Gómez Luna


What is in fashion what innovative trends exsists, which gastronomic influences are there in the world that inspire us in Karisma? Obtaining and assimilating ideas for constant renovation and reinvention, within the F&B department, is the key of success for present and future of our Company



Dani Garcia Cocinero 👉 3*Michelin 👉 @bibodanigarcia Marb/Mad/Tarifa/Doha 👉 @lobitodemardg Mar/Mad 👉 @eventosdanigarciaoficial 👉 @lenadanigarcia 👉 @fsmadrid grupodanigarcia.com



Massimo Bottura Chef patron of Osteria Francescana + Founder of @foodforsoul_it @casamarialuigia @villamanodori @franceschetta58 @tornosubitodubai @gucciosteria Fi/LA massimobottura.it



Rene Redzepi Chef/co-owner: @nomacph barr.dinesuperb.com/reserve/experience


A trip around the world within everyone's reach from their properties, what is going to happen in different parts of the world that can enrich our knowledge? From events that will take place in our own Hotels to international conferences, fairs or symposiums directly related to F&B. We invite you to take a culinary journey to the aromas, flavors, history, and traditions of our neighboring countries around the globe.


For any F&B professional the most important thing in their trade lies in the product, for restaurants and bars it is everything, that is why we dedicate a special section to enhance, to know and to learn more about all products. The Culinary Cellar will narrate and describe those unique products in Mexico and in the world, which are present in our daily lives, to help us better understand our beautiful profession. We must remember that our creativity also lies on how wide our pantry is ...

Our industry and profession are full of successful people, geniuses, magicians and artists of the trade, this section is dedicated to them and their work, their significance and inspiration … Month by month we will present a relevant figure in our industry, what they have done and why they have dignified our profession, this will be a space to inspire and motivate us towards excellence



Spanish Sommelier Josep Roca grew up in the kitchen. His family owned a bar that served classic Catalan cooking to a modest clientele. All three Roca brothers – Joan, Josep, and Jordi – eventually opened a restaurant annex to the bar, in 1986, and within a few years began collecting Michelin stars. In 2009 el Celler de Can Roca shot 21 spots to number five on San Pelligrino's Top 50 Restaurants list and rose another spot this year. From its humble origins serving up plates of fried calamares in the 1960s, the family bar turned restaurant was this past year awarded its third Michelin star.

Josep Roca attended hotelier school before meeting winemaker and oenology professor Josep Lluis Perez Verdu, the Mas Martinet owner. Verdu would play a huge part in teaching him about wine. In the kitchen of el Celler de Can Roca, Joan (46) does savory, Josep (44) liquid, and Jordi (32) sweet. Together they view the dining experience as one intimately tied to all the senses. This culinary troika works as a seamless unit, with the end result that the restaurant has been deemed, by many Spaniards, the best restaurant in the country- pretty big words when we consider the competition.

The menu focuses on the principal trait of each dish, whether it be conceptual, chromatic, or evocative of “memory” (such as an uber-traditional pan amb tomate, turned on its head). Under Josep’s command as sommelier, the wine list has developed along five branches: Riesling, Champagne, Burgundy, Sherry, and Priorat (a Catalan wine). Desserts compete in the global arena of the avant-garde, with Jordi's development of an edible perfume as the foundation in at least one example, the ode to Terre D’Hermès.

Josep Roca Fontané (Girona, 1966) has the methodical view of one whose daily task it is to describe the pleasure-creating machine that is El Celler de Can Roca to his customers. It is who speaks of drinks and culinary delights, describing and presenting them: the power of the word, the magic of communication” This is how it is done in his family restaurant. Kindness, modesty, appreciation, serenity, warmth, poetry, etiquette, the rich background of a man who has traveled, shining spirit, passion, and brilliance. All these qualities and more are possessed by this wine waiter and maitre of the best restaurant in the world, who also defines himself as a storyteller