El Dorado Maroma a Spa Resort, by Karisma  — August 3rd, 2020

Colors Dinner

The Colors dinner, where the colors are interpreted through the food in a six-course menu, created by our Chef and in a beautiful place like Palafitos, is a unique experience for our guests and local market that they can enjoy on Saturdays, every two weeks, from 6 pm on


Signature Cocktails

Creation of a new Signature cocktails for all our restaurants in El Dorado Maroma, inspired by the most representative spirits of each restaurant concept with a mixology twist and an attractive and modern presentation


El Dorado Seaside a Spa Resort, by Karisma  — August 3rd, 2020

Our traditional Mexican party

Is an activity where Mariachi music, Mexican flavors, Mexican Mixology, craft beers, tequila, mezcal tasting, crafts and lots of fun are brought together in the Plaza Zocalo located in the center of the hotel.

This Mexican experience is unique for our guests, where they can learn about our culture, gastronomy and music.


Site Inspection Bites

For Travel Agents site inspections visiting our property, we offer bites that represents a little gastronomy of our property at three different locations.


El Dorado Royale a Spa Resort, by Karisma  —  August 3rd, 2020


For this season we are promoting food and drinks that provide us with well-being, these dishes can be identified in each of our restaurants and bars. Low calorie dishes prepared with superfood products such as seeds, fruits and herbs, being the focus of this season, all accompanied by detox drinks and high in vitamins.


Movil Mixology

We bring mixology to you, a mobile bar overlooking the different points of the hotel offering Mexican mixology, gins and a variety of cocktails to enjoy during the day.


Fire Pit y Margaritas

Margaritaville Island Reserve Riviera Cancún, by Karisma  —  August 3rd, 2020

Fire Pit & Margaritas

Enjoy the view, breeze and music, as you taste your favorite drinks in our Fire Pit’s Deck, located near License to Chill Bar. 

Our Flair Master will do some show while he prepares signature Margaritaville Island Reserve Riviera Cancun cocktails. You can’t miss it!